Unified Management and Insight

UCCentral makes it easy to control and monitor your workspaces

while giving you the insight required to drive efficiency and


Insight. Actions.


UCCentral goes beyond workspace analytics, giving you the tools to transform workspace data into insights, actions, and results.

Monitor and



UCCentral allows you to maintain a bird's eye-view of your workspaces by providing custom dashboards, real-time reporting, performance alerts, and scheduled reporting. You can also manage your Quicklaunch enabled rooms with configuration templates and settings.

Workspace Usage


By quickly identifying underutilized rooms and equipment you’ll be able to right-size room investments, understand technology usage, and optimize operational planning to maximize your ROI.

Act On Insight

Turn insight into action to maximize collaborative experiences and workspace usage. You’ll be able to track workspace utilization as well as usage of applications and conference providers.  You’ll also have the ability to track unattended meetings and understand ways to optimize space usage.