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Configuration Services

Make It Your Own...

Quicklaunch™, the most powerful lecture hall and meeting room software, is fully customizable in order to offer your end users a custom branded powerful classroom and meeting solution that is easy to use. Kramer works with administrative and technical resources remotely to assist with configuration of Quicklaunch. This includes providing insight into Quicklaunch capabilities and configuration to enhance your lecture hall and meeting spa experience. Allow the Quicklaunch team to assist with making it your own… 

Quicklaunch Templates are patterns or blueprint of the meeting room Quicklaunch interface that are saved as Quicklaunch Template Files (QLT). A template contains configuration information for the room and includes display settings, themes (colors, logo etc), action tiles, calendar and system settings. It provides IT an easy way to rollout or make changes to multiple rooms.

Quicklaunch Remote Template Configuration Services Brochure
Quicklaunch Remote Template Configuration Services Brochure
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