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Quicklaunch for NEC


Customized Quicklaunch experience exclusive to our Platinum Partner, NEC

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Solution Bundles

NEC InfinityBoard All-In-One Collaboration Solution
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Huddly IQ Camera 

AI-powered conference camera

The award-winning Huddly IQ delivers a video meeting experience like no other, with 150° wide-angle video and groundbreaking AI capabilities. Integrated with NEC Conference Speakers

NEC Conference Speakers

Excellent speech intelligibility for video conferencing with ultra-low distortion speakers. Sophisticated engineering with crisp audio; the solid MDF cabinet effectively minimizes potential resonances and interactions with the loudspeaker

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NEC InfinityBoard 2.1

55”, 65" 75”, and 86” UHD Touch Display

NEC OPS Slot-in PC

Intel Core i7 vPro-6820EQ , 16 GB RAM, 256 GB SSD, and Win10 Pro – configure to your needs or choose your own PC

Pre-Installed Applications

Quicklaunch integrates seamlessly with the preinstalled applications: Mosaic Connect, Huddly, Hoylu and Flatfrog


Ultimate Edition

NEC Custom Quicklaunch Version delivers ultimate one touch join experience with the ability to whiteboard, start applications, access your data and more in a secured environment.

Optional Accessories

Capture Cards, Keyboards, Mounts

and much more….

NEC with Quicklaunch - Video Playlist
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