Why Choose Quicklaunch?


Quicklaunch is a multi award-winning meeting room solution which is seamlessly integrated with over 30 of the largest meeting room providers including Microsoft Teams, Zoom. GoToMeeting, BlueJeans and many more. Our meeting join feature known as Meeting Manager allows for complete control of the meeting room including screen sharing, mute and unmute microphone and turn on/off camera. Meeting Manager is currently supported for both Skype for Business and Zoom.

MS Teams in Use


Quicklaunch's action catalog is full of the most utilized meeting room applications including screen sharing options such as HDMI Share, Wireless Sharing, and many more; file sharing options including Dropbox, OneDrive and more; the ability to launch any website or any file; and the ability to add your own custom action tiles to launch anything on your PC. Quicklaunch supports Display Rules which allow for action tiles to run at certain sizes, positions and screens.

Action Tiles in Use


Reset Room in Quicklaunch is another reason why Quicklaunch is one of the most secure meeting room solutions. Using reset room, you can choose to delete files, clear application credentials and remove browser history, cache and passwords. Quicklaunch also supports the ability to adjust system policies allowing to disable task manager, restrict log-ins, remove log-off of PC and much more.

Quicklaunch Reset Room

To learn more about Quicklaunch and the hundreds of settings and customization which makes an award winning software, visit our website at

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