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What is Quicklaunch?

Quicklaunch is an award winning software which turns any Windows 10 PC into the ultimate one touch/click meeting room solution. Quicklaunch is available in 3 versions depending on your needs including... Standard Edition, for users who do not need access to a calendar, Professional Edition, for users who use calendars, but do not need all of the features, and Ultimate Edition which includes all available Quicklaunch features and extra safety precautions.

*Active Quicklaunch maintenance is required for new features.

Quicklaunch allows for one click/touch to...

Join Meetings Share Device Screens

Start Applications Control Remote Control & Voice Control

Access Data and Content Devices BYOD or Deviceless

Some of the main components of Quicklaunch include calendar integration, action tiles, system events/policies, theming and security.

Calendar Integration

Quicklaunch is seamlessly integrated with over 30 of the most popular meeting providers including MS Teams, Zoom, Webex, and more. Most of our supported meeting providers allow for one click/touch calendar joining meaning that no external software or credentials are required to launch a meeting. Providers such as Skype for Business and Zoom have an addtional feature known as Meeting Manager which allows for audio and video adjustment, chatting, and easy screen/content sharing options.

Learn more about Meeting Managers

We currently support Exchange Calendar and S4B, Exchange Calendar Only, or No Account to populate the Quicklaunch calendar. Since the announcement of the retirement of EWS authentication, we have integrated three separate Graph API authenication options including App Consent, Customer Secret and Customer Certificate.

Learn about Graph API

Action Tiles

Quicklaunch Action Tiles allow for quick and secure launching of any application, website, file, or meeting solution from one click of the interface. Quicklaunch's default configuration comes equipped with two action tile groups including Devices and Collaboration which are home to 11 action tiles that can be used to control a majority of the meeting room. With these default tiles you can share an HDMI device with HDMI Share, control the meeting room using QL Remote Control, Meet Now with MS Teams, Zoom and Webex and even launch and email a MS Whiteboard.

How to have the best MS Teams experience

Although these are the defaults, they can be completely customized to assist with any meeting room configuration imaginable. Using Quicklaunch settings, you can setup 3 total action tile groups, then customize all of the tiles, their icons, the colours and their names to fit your meeting room's standards.

Learn more about Action Tiles

System Events/Policies

System Events give users the ability to setup events that occur when other actions take place. For example, when a room reset occurs, Quicklaunch can automatically launch a website, the option to send an email will automatically be prompted when a file appears in a specific folder, or automatically send a warning email when your meeting room PC experiences an issue such as no mouse or keyboard, or internet outages.

Adjusting policies in Quicklaunch is an easy way to lockdown the meeting room PC and disable Windows settings like logging out, accessing the task manager, not caching credentials and much more. If you are planning on rolling out system policies quickly to multiple meeting room PCs, you can utilize the exporting and importing of settings to easily get this done. Ensure to enable the "apply Quicklaunch values to Windows policy values" button so your policies are properly applied.

Read our full FAQ on QL Policies


Quicklaunch is a completely customizable meeting room software and we believe that it what separates us from the rest. With our levels of customization, you can choose every logo, icon, font, colour and layout of the Quicklaunch interface. Utilizing our simple interface to maneuver settings, users can easily import any photo, or colour gradient to be used as a background. Quicklaunch is used by many leaders in many industries including air travel, battery manufactures and healthcare. This means that no matter your company, Quicklaunch can fit to your brand better than any competitor.

Here are some examples of customized Quicklaunch.

With Quicklaunch's latest production release, you can utilize our built-in screensaver feature known as Digital Signage to display any information, website, photo, video, or digital signage provider. Our current customers are using Quicklaunch Digital Signage to inform their employees about all COVID-19 news for the meeting room.

See our video on Quicklaunch Digital Signage


Quicklaunch is home to some of the best in security while also supporting over 300 features and settings. Some of the main ways Quicklaunch can help keep your credentials and meeting room secured is by utilizing our Reset Room feature in Quicklaunch. Reset Room can be triggered in four different ways including Meeting End, Inactivity, Pressing an Action Tile, or by using our touchless features. Reset Room can be configured to delete all credentials, log out of app, close applications, and much more.

Learn about Suspending Room Reset

Quicklaunch uses advanced techniques to decrypt all usernames and passwords entered into Quicklaunch for utilization of the Quicklaunch calendar and meeting providers meaning that your information is always safe while using Quicklaunch. Quicklaunch also offers the ability to require a password to enter Quicklaunch settings or close the application.

Learn how to setup password protection here.

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