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UCW Secure Browser (Quick Connect) *Beta

Welcome to the new way to join MS Teams meetings and launch applications such as MS Whiteboard and Office 365. Secure Browser offers the most secure way to join meetings and launch applications by making the login process occur on your smart phone rather than the conference room PC. This means that no credentials are ever logged on the meeting room PC.

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MS Teams

Using the Secure browser with MS Teams allows the user to launch the meeting from the Quicklaunch meeting room, scan the QR code from a phone, log in using personal credentials, the meeting will then launch in the secure browser on the meeting room PC. After the browser window is closed, the meeting will have to be logged into again. Full FAQ here


MS Whiteboard and Office 365 are utilized by adding the new Secure Browser action tile varients for each of the applications. Once the new action tile is clicked, the QR code will launch, scan the QR code on your personal device and log in with your credentials. The application will then launch within the browser.

Full FAQ here

Additionally, you can choose to login with the onscreen buttons, enter your credentials directly through the Secure Browser to launch MS Teams or MS Whiteboard/O365. These credentials are never logged anywhere on the PC meaning that you will need to re-enter them every time a meeting is launched, or the action tiles are opened.

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