UC Workspace - Year in Review


Following ISE 2020 in Amsterdam, rAVe Publications announced our new product, weav, as one of the Top 10 Best of ISE 2020. ISE 2020 was visited by over 52,000 attendees viewing 950 individual product booths. We are looking forward to releasing weav to market in the first quarter of 2021.

In 2020 we had the honour of being considered for the AV Awards to be held in London this summer. Unfortunately, it had to be rescheduled to November and was completely digital. We ended up being a finalist in the Collaboration Technology of the Year sector. We faced very tough competition from amazing companies such as Barco, Crestron, Sharp, and others. Congratulations to Stem Audio for winning with their amazing conference room ecosystem.


NEC Expands Platinum Partnership

We had an incredible year with our Platinum Partner, NEC. We started the year by going to ISE and being front and center at the NEC booth showcasing Quicklaunch Ultimate Edition on the NEC InfinityBoard 2.1. During the year, our development team worked hard to add NEC exclusive features to Quicklaunch. Some of these features included weavLT, Source Switching, and Huddly IQ integration. Learn more about our ever-expanding partnership here.

Synnex as US and LATAM Distributor

Synnex Corporation signed as a US Distributor of all versions of Quicklaunch on May 30 of 2020, and also signed as a Quicklaunch distributor for Latin America at year end. Learn more about our partnership with Synnex by reading our blog post on Synnex as US Distributor and Synnex as LATAM Distributor.

Simply NUC as PC Platinum Partner

In June of 2020, Simply NUC signed as our first PC Platinum Partner with their line of Intel Core small factor PCs. With Simply NUC, you can purchase a bundle including a 10th Gen i7 PC, any version of Quicklaunch, and the option to add additional tech including the Mimo 10" Touch, Logitech Rally Camera, or the Logitech Meet-Up Camera. Learn more about our partnership by visiting our website.

ActiveVision as Premier Partner

During ISE 2020 we had the privilege of signing New Zealand-based ActiveVision to our Premier program. ActiveVision supplies a comprehensive range of interactive technology solutions to Businesses and the Education sector throughout New Zealand. Learn more about ActiveVision by checking out their website.

Whitlock as Premier Partner

While attending ISE, we signed Whitlock as a Premier Quicklaunch Partner. Whitlock has since joined forces with AVI-SPL to continue providing digital workplace solutions to companies. Learn more about Whitlock and AVI-SPL by visiting their website.

News and Updates

During ISE in Amsterdam, UC Workspace announced two brand new products including the content and meeting sharing software, weav as well as the meeting room analytics and settings deployment product UC Central.

weav is redefining the word "together" by rethinking how sharing should work in the modern workspace and creating the next evolution of sharing. We like to call this the woven digital experience. Weav provides seamless sharing and content collaboration from any device to help unleash your team’s productivity. Learn more about weav.

UC Central makes it easy to control and monitor your workspaces while giving you the insight required to drive efficiency and productivity. UC Central goes beyond workspace analytics, giving you the tools to transform workspace data into insights, actions, and results. Learn more about UC Central.

Our flagship product, Quicklaunch has also had an amazing year of updates which added more than fifty features and hundreds of enhancements over the course of 2020. Some of these features include...

Secure and Enhanced Browser

Secure and Enhanced Browser ensures maximum security when launching any browser-based action tiles or meetings. Enhanced Browser launches a sleek app looking browser which is optimal for any meeting space while Secure Browser ensures that only incognito browsers are launched so no credentials or history is saved after it has been closed.

Integration of Graph API

EWS Calendar Authentication is being retired in 2021, so we integrated Graph API for calendar authentication. We currently support many ways to integrate Graph API into your Quicklaunch meeting room including App Consent, Customer Secret, and Customer Certificates.

Quicklaunch Touchless Controls

COVID-19 was extremely hard on many companies worldwide over the course of 2020. UC Workspace did all we could to accommodate the new workspace by developing two new features for Quicklaunch to minimize board touches and maximize meeting space safety. The two new features include Quicklaunch Remote Control and Quicklaunch Voice Commands.

Quicklaunch Remote Control

The Quicklaunch Remote Control allows any cellphone or personal device to become a Quicklaunch meeting room controller. After scanning an on-screen QR code, you will be in full control of the meeting room from launching meetings, running action tiles, and controlling the mouse and keyboard.

Quicklaunch Voice Commands

Quicklaunch Voice Commands allow you to control any aspect of Quicklaunch using only your voice. After speaking a simply wake-up command like "Hey Quicklaunch", you can then say additional voice commands including "Join Meeting", "Go To Dock", or set up your own commands by adjusting a JSON file.

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