Turn Your Interactive Display into a Powerful Meeting Room

The Power and Flexibility of the PC with the Simplicity and Security of an Appliance

The Quicklaunch™ application is a simple and secure meeting room interface that provides multi-platform integration to transform any PC into a one click meeting space. Create a one-touch meeting room based on the platform of your choice using either Exchange or Google Calendar. Create a Meeting Room Solution of your choice with the New! Quicklaunch Professional Edition or Ultimate Edition 3.0.

Skype for Business, Google Hangouts Go To Meeting, WebEx , Zoom, Blue Jeans, Adobe Connect, Pexip, Simplicity, Skype, Skype Broadcast, and more

Create an Interactive Meeting Room Experience with the ability to join multiple types of meetings, start applications, launch websites, access your data, share devices and more.

Added Flexibility & Functionality:

One Click Join : Skype for Business, Go To Meeting, Webex ,Google Hangouts, Zoom, Blue Jeans, Adobe Connect, Pexip, Simplicity, Skype, Skype Broadcast,

Next Generation Collaboration Applications

Added Functionality: Single Touch Action Tiles to PC and Web Based Collaboration (Slack, Trello, Microsoft Teams etc)

Display Rules for Multi-Monitor Environments

Customizable User Interface including Custom Branding

Single Click Action Tiles



Mail: File: and more

PC Based IP Softphones

Extended Functionality *

Camera Control

Tabletop Touch Display Console

Wired HDMI Guest Device Input

Wireless Guest Device Input

Control Additional Devices (Displays, Switches, Blinds etc)

USB Device Choices

One Touch Skype Integration - Whiteboard, Meet Now, Dial, Share Desktop (UE)

Room Reset and Lockdown Modes

Simultaneous Editing

Simultaneous Editing of One Note with Remote Participants

Simultaneous Office 365 Document Editing (where applicable) with Remote Participants

Simultaneous Use of Whiteboard and Other Applications that Enable & Permit

Room Resource Accounts and/or User Accounts

Import/Export Configuration Options

All you need is a PC with Windows 7,8 or 10 (Version 3.0 WIndows 10)

*Additional HW/SW may be required