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Quicklaunch Touchless Controls

Updated: Feb 3, 2022

Over the course of 2020, COVID-19 changed nearly every aspect of life, including the meeting room. Being a world leader in meeting room collaboration software, we knew we had to do something to combat the spread of the virus through meeting room interaction. We came up with two breakthrough ideas to maximize safety in the meeting room without interfering with collaboration. Introducing Quicklaunch Remote Control and Quicklaunch Voice Commands.

Quicklaunch Remote Control

Enabling Quicklaunch Remote Control allows any personal phone to instantly become a Quicklaunch controller. Simply scan the QR code on the Quicklaunch interface to control all aspects of the meeting room. You will have direct access to join the current meeting, run any setup action tiles, control the audio levels, use the mouse and keyboard, as well as run room reset which changes the QR code, ending the current session and ensuring that the Quicklaunch Remote is ready to be used in the next meeting. Watch our video to see the new user interface.

Quicklaunch Voice Commands - in Beta

Voice Commands in Quicklaunch allow the entire meeting room to be controlled with your voice. The basic controls include the ability to join meetings, enter dock or full screen and cancel voice command, but configuring a single .JSON file unlocks the full potential of Quicklaunch Voice Commands. After adjusting the file, you can now run any action tile, run the room reset, and even send an email. Watch our new video on Quicklaunch Voice Commands.

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