Quicklaunch Solution Partner Program

The Quicklaunch Solution Partner Program (QSPP) includes partner products and services that extend the capabilities of Quicklaunch within collaborative workspaces to provide a better together experience. The QSPP partners provide complementary components that integrate to enhance the end user Quicklaunch collaboration experience. The program allows organizations the ability to choose the solution components that deliver to their unique requirements.

As the world becomes more mobile, organizations are now required to work with customers and partners on not only their platform but their customers and partners as well. Beyond Collaboration Platforms, there is an explosive trend in new forms of collaboration tools that are independent of the platform (Slack, Trello, Confluence etc.). There are also all kinds of new innovative devices that add to the complexity of the new collaborative workspaces. The expectations of the workforce are to have these new tools supported in the meeting spaces. The QSPP provides a flexible and secure foundation to support these new trends and requirements utilizing Quicklaunch.

From huddles spaces and training rooms to conference rooms and anywhere workspaces, the QSPP partners are working together to deliver on the next-generation collaboration requirements. The founding principle is to integrate components that provide customers with solutions that are easy to use and simplify deployment. By working closely together, the QSPP delivers enhanced solutions rather than individual products. Thus allowing Quicklaunch users to benefit through an easy to use, enhanced collaboration experience.

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