Quicklaunch Helps Solve Multi-Platform Meeting Space Demands

The workplace transformation continues to drive new organizational collaboration requirements and the growth of mobile and cloud is enabling the workforce to expands its’ choice of collaboration applications. While organizations may be standardizing on a single collaboration platform (i.e. Skype for Business), there is a growing need to support multiple platforms and multiple collaboration tools in the workplace. Spaces within the workplace are also changing to include more flexible spaces with a variety of sizes.

Multi-Platform Meeting Space Drivers

  • Multiple Platforms to Support Customers and Partners

  • Support for Mergers and Acquisitions with Differing Tools

  • Next Generation Collaboration Applications

  • BYOD Device Support

  • Support for USB Device Innovation

As the world has become more mobile, organizations are now required to work with customers and partners on not only their platform but their customers and partners as well. Thus, today the new meeting space needs to support multiple platforms such as Skype, Skype for Business, Go-To-Meeting, Webex and the list goes on. The rapid world of mergers and acquisitions and the global economy are also driving this trend.

Beyond Collaboration Platforms, there is an explosive trend in new forms of collaboration tools that are independent of the platform (Slack, Trello, Confluence etc.). The expectations of the workforce are to have this new class of collaboration tools also supported in the meeting space.

The new meeting space is expected to accommodate and support the plethora of devices that are now an option as a result of bring your own device policies. Additionally, the industry is also seeing new entrants and innovation with PC USB devices including Cameras, Speakerphones, Audio, Controls and multi-purpose devices that the workforce is also requesting.

There are rapidly changing requirements for meeting spaces and for the IT and AV departments. It is becoming increasingly difficult to choose a single vendor for a meeting space. The industry continues to see high market growth in meeting rooms with PCs to support this increased demand to support multiple platforms. The demand for an application to simplify the user experience for multi-platforms and utilize the USB components in an integrated fashion has driven the demand for Quicklaunch.

Quicklaunch™ provides a simple and easy to use multi-platform, ‘one-click’/’one-touch’ interface to join meetings, start an endless number of PC applications, access data, play media, showcase an organization’s content and business intelligence assets, and more. All of this while providing a secure and manageable environment for IT. It will support multiple platforms, next generation collaboration applications, wired and wireless connectivity for BYOD, a wide variety of hardware devices and is customizable with extensions to meet the organizations changing needs. Quicklaunch is leading the way to more flexible meeting space environments.