Quicklaunch Features for Safety and Collaboration

COVID-19 has been very hard on a lot of companies worldwide, so UC Workspace is doing our best to help solve issues in the meeting room. The Quicklaunch Remote Control will assist with social distancing and overall safety in any meeting space. Quicklaunch Voice Commands allows for complete meeting room control with your voice. Digital Signage utilizes the Quicklaunch screensaver to allow custom content, webpages, or videos to play when the meeting room is inactive.

Quicklaunch Remote

The Quicklaunch Remote Control feature allows users to control the meeting room from their personal devices. Scanning a QR code on the Quicklaunch interface gives meeting participants the ability to join meetings, run action tiles, control the mouse and the keyboard, run room reset and so much more.

Read our full FAQ here.

Quicklaunch Voice Commands

Voice Commands in Quicklaunch allow the entire meeting room to be controlled with your voice. The basic controls include the ability to join meetings, enter dock or full screen and cancel voice command, but configuring a single .JSON file unlocks the full potential of Quicklaunch Voice Commands. After adjusting the file, you can now run any action tile, run the room reset, and even send an email. Watch our new video on Quicklaunch Voice Commands. Full FAQ here.

Quicklaunch Digital Signage

UC Workspace's latest Quicklaunch feature known as Digital Signage is now available in the newest production release. Digital Signage allows you to utilize the Quicklaunch Screen Saver to show off any website, or local video and photo. For our demonstration, we used LoopSign to create a simple Digital Sign. To download and use Digital Signage in your meeting room, ensure to download it from our UCW Installer.

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