Quicklaunch Awarded Most Ubiquitous Technology Award - ISE 2019

UC Workspace Quicklaunch is honoured to receive the Most Ubiquitous Technology award chosen by rAVe Publications.

Quicklaunch was on display at 12 different vendors at Integrated Systems Europe 2019 in beautiful Amsterdam, Netherlands.

ISE 2019 ISE was home to over 1300 individual vendors and welcomed over 80,000 technology

professionals walking through the 15 show halls. While at ISE, rAVe Publications diligently visited each vendor to determine who should receive the "Best of ISE" awards. rAVe Publications recorded 1500+ videos, took 1500+ photos, recorded 55 podcasts and wrote 300 news stories while in Amsterdam. If you would like to learn more about rAVe Publications at ISE 2019, click their logo.

ISE 2019: Gary Kayye Interviews Angela Hlavka of UC WorkSpace About Quicklaunch 4

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