Quicklaunch at Infocomm 2018

We're delighted to be exhibiting at Infocomm in Las Vegas June 6-8, 2018 where we will be demonstrating our award-winning Quicklaunch. Additionally, UC Workspace will be our new wireless application Quickshare, set to release 2H 2018. Also available by appointment is a sneak peek at our upcoming Quicklaunch new features.

Quicklaunch in Action with Sneak Peak

Come visit us at the Dell C-1900

Quicklaunch Ultimate Editions

Quickshare Sneak Peak

Quicklaunch Sneak Peak

Avocor Booth N-2714

Quicklaunch Professional and Ultimate Editions

By Appointment

Quickshare Sneak Peak

Quicklaunch Sneak Peak

Additional Quicklaunch Partner Locations

FlatFrog N-2614

Flat Frog Interactive Displays

SMART Pro 7000 with Quicklaunch Professional Edition

InFocus N-1306

Quicklaunch Standard Edition

Logitech N-2622

Logitech Group and Meetup Kits

Mimo N-2446

Mimo Consoles Quicklaunch Professional Edition

Newline N-346

Newline Interactive Displays uicklaunch Professional Edition

Viewsonic C-2355

Viewsonic Interactive Displays

We look forward to showing you our award-winning products at Infocomm. Come visit us at Dell and Avocor or book an appoint for a personal discussion.

Can’t make Infocomm? Book a personal demo with the Quicklaunch team to see how our products can transform your meeting spaces…