Portuguese Language Support in Quicklaunch

Olá, Konnichiwa, and Hello from UC Workspace. In the latest production release of Quicklaunch, you can expect full support for the Portuguese language. With the addition of Portuguese, Quicklaunch now supports 13 languages including...

English, Danish, Dutch, Chinese - Beta (new), Finnish, French, German, Italian, Japanese (new), Norwegian, Spanish, Swedish, and now Portuguese (new).

Another reason why Quicklaunch is a multinational award winning meeting room solution.

The Quicklaunch interface supports any language of your choice. The language settings are for the backend setup components. With Quicklaunch flexibilities, the addition of new languages comes from our customer requests.

In order to change your language in Quicklaunch, enter settings > System > General and adjust your language accordingly. You may also choose to change your language while initially setting up Quicklaunch.

As a reminder, we now distribute through LATAM with our partner, Synnex.