NEC Customized Enhancements for Quicklaunch

Customized Enhancements for

NEC is a Platinum Partner and has worked with UC Workspace to customize the NEC Quicklaunch version with enhanced features. The NEC Quicklaunch is available as part of the InfinityBoard 2.1 Bundle.

The InfinityBoard 2.1 comes equip with the Huddly IQ camera, NEC Conference Speakers, NEC OPS, and comes preinstalled with Quicklaunch, Mosiac Connect, Huddly, Hoylu and FlatFrog.

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NEC Customized Quicklaunch Enhanced Features

Personal Content Manager for Personal Devices

Share Files From Your PC, OneDrive, Google Drive, Drop Box, Box to InfinityBoard

Utilize Headcount to set Screen Saver

Can Reset and More Based on Headcount

With UC Central Analytics with Quicklaunch

Add Quicklaunch Tiles to Change Sources with Use of a Console

Integrate Actions with Quicklaunch Events – Start, Reset etc.

For Administrative Access to Quicklaunch Settings

Integration with Quicklaunch Check-in Process

Integration with Quicklaunch Change User

Send Documents Created During Meetings

Integration with both Hoylu and Flatfrog Board

Control the Meeting Space with Your Personal Device

Join Meetings, Run Action Tiles, Control Mouse and Keyboard, and Run Reset Room

Learn more about these features here.

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