Looking for a more powerful and flexible Skype for Business Meeting Room Experience?

Look no further than

While Skype for Business is the primary collaboration platform for many organizations, it is often not the only type of meeting the organization needs to support. As the business world rapidly transforms, organizations are now required to work with customers and partners on not only their platform but their customers and partners as well.

Beyond Collaboration Platforms, there is an explosive trend in new forms of collaboration tools that are independent of the platform (Slack, Trello, Confluence etc.). There are also all kinds of new innovative devices that add to the complexity of the new collaborative workspaces. The expectations of the workforce are to have these new tools supported in the meeting spaces.

The expectations and requirements for the meeting room and workspace have grown at an increased pace. Quicklaunch is our award winning application that addresses those needs for multi-platform support, power, flexibility, security and ease of use in the workspace.

Quicklaunch Ultimate Edition is an easy-to-use multi-platform, one-click/one-touch application to join meetings, start applications, access data, play media, showcase your organization’s content and business intelligence assets, and more.

  • Single click Join for Skype for Business Meetings

  • One Touch Skype Integration - Whiteboard, Meet Now, Dial, Share Desktop

  • Exchange Integration - Calendar View, Book Meeting, Group Email

  • Safe, Secure, Manageable

Added Flexibility & Functionality:

  • One Click Join : Go To Meeting, Webex ,Google Hangouts, Zoom, Blue Jeans, Adobe Connect

  • Any Application or URL

Including Next Generation Collaboration Applications

Added Functionality: Single Touch Action Tiles to PC and Web Based Collaboration (Slack, Trello etc)

  • Customizable User Interface including Custom Branding

  • Single Click Action Tiles

Any PC Application


Mail: File: and more

PC Based IP Softphones

  • Extended Functionality *

Tabletop Touch Display Console

Wired HDMI Guest Device Input

Wireless Guest Device Input

Control Additional Devices (Displays, Switches, Blinds etc)

USB Device Choices

  • Room Reset and Lockdown Modes

  • Room Resource Accounts and/or User Accounts

  • Import/Export Configuration Options

  • All you need is a PC with Windows 7,8 or 10

*Additional HW/SW may be required

From huddles spaces and training rooms to conference rooms and anywhere workspaces, the Quicklaunch team and our partners are working together deliver on the next-generation collaboration requirements. The founding principle is to integrate components that provide customers with solutions that are easy use and simplify deployment. By working closely together, we deliver enhanced solutions rather than individual products. Thus allowing Quicklaunch users to benefit through an easy to use, enhanced collaboration experience.