Logitech Announces New Premium Kits with Quicklaunch Professional Edition

In 2016, Logitech introduced the original Logitech Meeting Room Kits that included Logitech GROUP or Connect ConferenceCam, Intel® NUC , Intel® Unite™ and Quicklaunch Standard Edition. In October 2017, Logitech announced an enhancement to the lineup with the addition of Premium Kits. Configured and validated by Logitech for performance, simplicity and compatibility, the New Kits include a Logitech GROUP or Meetup ConferenceCam, Intel® NUC, Intel® Unite™, Quicklaunch Professional Edition and a Mimo Console. Quicklaunch Professional Edition adds the easy to use Calendar with One Click Join capability out of the box.

The Logitech Kits are compatible with virtually all PC-based cloud services, and do not require users to bring their own computer to start a video call. This enterprise-quality bundle mitigates the complexity and cost for businesses to scale up from a laptop-based experience to a huddle room, or scale beyond a boardroom telepresence system to a flexible meeting room solution. Easily upgrade your kit to Quicklaunch Ultimate Edition through our online store or your system integrator.

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