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ISE and InfoComm 2022 Recap

May 10-13 2022 Barcelona, Spain

ISE 2022 was highly successful and was our first live event since the acquisition from Kramer. During ISE, UC Workspace products could be found at...

The Kramer booth was setup with 3 primary sections including collaboration solutions which included Quicklaunch and UC Central on a Sharp/NEC 65" display. Our product specialist, Kelly, gave demos everyday, all day for the thousands that visited the Kramer booth during ISE 2022. Quicklaunch was sporting the brand new Kramer template and the new integrations with Kramer technology including the Kramer Brain and the macros that are included with the Brain.

Jordan performed demo's at the highly popular

Sharp/NEC booth where branded Quicklaunch was shown on Sharp/NEC's brand new Du-Co (dual collaboration) displays. The Du-Co system consists of two 65" screens where one is touch and the other is non-touch, but they look identical. We also had the pleasure of showing off our new sharing software, Weav Version 2, live at the booth. Users could get the mobile app for free and use Weav directly at ISE 2022.

Mimo Monitors is a long time touch display partner of UC Workspace and they were proud to show tabbed Quicklaunch on their new 10" Myst Link. The Mimo is a great option for tabletop meeting room controls for any sized meeting rooms with Quicklaunch enabled.

Videos from ISE 2022

UCW/Kramer's Angela Interviews Graham of Sharp/NEC about Du-Co Solution with Quicklaunch

Weav Version 2 Demo - ISE 2022

UC Workspace and Mimo - ISE 2022


May 8-10 2022 Las Vegas, USA

Do to COVID-19, InfoComm took place shortly after ISE 2022 which means our product specialists had no time to relax! Once returning home from Barcelona, they quickly repacked their bags for Las Vegas. Las Vegas was a blistering 40+ degrees Celsius during the entire week our team was in Las Vegas, so the air conditioning of the West Hall of the Las Vegas Convention Centre was welcomed! During InfoComm, UCW products could be found at...

Kramer was proud to present their new branding for the first time in North America live from InfoComm 2022. Their InfoComm booth was proof that Kramer does only sell products, but sells solutions. Kramer branded Quicklaunch on a Dell 65" display was a focal point of their booth and received a lot of heavy traffic during the three days of the show.

We were happy to hear that our long term interactive display partner, Mimo Monitors was going to show off Quicklaunch in console mode on their brand new Mimo Myst Link display. By using a touch console along side a main display, users can control the entire Quicklaunch interface with touch.

Videos from InfoComm 2022

Kramer Booth Interview from InfoComm 2022

InfoComm 2022 - Interview at Kramer

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