ISE 2020: Gary Kayye of rAVe Publications Interviews Matt and Angela about Quicklaunch and NEC RMS

rAVe Publications founder, Gary Kayye, stopped by Integrated Systems Europe to interview UC Workspace's Matt Martens, and our Founder, Angela Hlavka, about our newly updated Quicklaunch user-interface as well as talking about NEC Room Management Service powered by UC Workspace.

Quicklaunch is the maiden product of UC Workspace that allows users to securely start a meeting or digital call, regardless of collaboration platform, with a single click. Once in a meeting, users can use Quicklaunch to control virtually every aspect of the meeting as well as launch apps and access and share files. Quicklaunch supports all the major meeting provider tools such as Skype and Zoom as well as a broad array of hardware from manufactures such as Avocor, NEC and Dell. After a meeting is over, Quicklaunch securely erases residual content from the meeting room computer, making Quicklaunch the first choice for high secure and regulated environments.

NEC Room Management Service (RMS) makes it easy to control and monitor your workspaces while giving you the insight required to drive efficiency and productivity. NEC RMS goes beyond workspace analytics, giving you the tools to transform workspace data into insights, actions, and results.

Watch the video here