Introducing Quicklaunch New 'Pinnable' Mode

The “Pinnable” feature was created to improve the Quicklaunch experience with small tabletop consoles and touchscreens in multi-display meeting room environments. When utilizing Quicklaunch on a standard display, when you start a meeting or launch an application Quicklaunch goes from a full screen view to a docked or toolbar view. When utilizing a tabletop console display it is desirable to have these monitors act as dedicated consoles.

Making a screen “Pinnable” facilitates this by keeping Quicklaunch full screen on this monitor regardless of what is happening on other monitors. Unpinning a “Pinnable” Quicklaunch screen allows it to be moved, minimized or resized just like any other desktop window. All of this can be configured in settings.

Available New Button Options

The first button is the familiar minimize. It minimizes the Quicklaunch main screen and makes the entire screen of the console available for use.

The second button is “Pinnable” and this scales the Quicklaunch main screen to a preset size so that it may be dragged to whatever position on the screen is most desired. This button is also used to restore Quicklaunch to full screen.

To learn more about enabling 'Pinnable' mode and its usage refer to our FAQ