Introducing New Quicklaunch Feature - quickshare

Quicklaunch has long supported wireless device screen sharing through Intel Unite, Solstice and others. However, there has been a growing demand to support in-room wired device sharing. Many solutions today support wired connectivity, however it is directly connected to the display instead of the in room pc. This only supports in-room viewing, unless the laptop also joined the meeting.

The Quicklaunch team partnered with Magewell to have Quicklaunch support advanced in room display sharing along with remote participant viewing through the collaboration platform of your choice using our new quickshare feature.

This is a significant step forward by providing capabilities beyond both wireless based and more traditional cable swapping solutions. QuickLaunch's proprietary quickshare feature delivers a superior advanced collaboration experience. Meeting participants wishing to share their device, whether it be Windows based, Mac or Android are seconds away from having it on the big screen and in their conference.

The dedicated meeting room PC remains in control of the experience and the shared device can

either be presented full screen or in a window side by side with other apps. This seamless collaboration extends beyond the meeting to encompass sharing the local device with remote participants. All of this is achieved in a highly secure manner without requiring network access to guests. Quicklaunch with our new quickshare feature is not only simple for users but extremely simple to configure and maintain for administrators.

Available in the October release.