INOGENI Joins the Quicklaunch Solution Partner Program

INOGENI and UC Workspace. announced today that has joined the Quicklaunch Solution Partner Program (QSPP). Introduced in late 2016, the QSPP provides a unique framework for delivering multiplatform collaboration experiences across customer environments. Through the Quicklaunch Solution Partner Program, INOGENI extends the capabilities of Quicklaunch to include multi-camera support and wired Video Device Sharing through Quicklaunch quickshare feature.

INOGENI SHARE2 and SHARE2U allows users to connect and mix multiple cameras with a Quicklaunch-equipped PC. The Share2 lets you select sources or combine sources from the buttons on the top, a remote control or a LAN connection. Coming soon, INOGENI will be introducing the SHARE 2U USB version so you can use two USB cameras or one USB and one HDMI with the same uninterrupted signal flow.

“We are pleased that UC Workspace recognizes the high quality, versatility and ease-of-use that the INOGENI brings to Quicklaunch, and we are honored to become members of the elite Quicklaunch Solution Partner Program,” said Gilles Chouinard, President at INOGENI. "The combination of the Quicklaunch one-click experience the simplicity of using our devices provides great options for device and camera sharing.”

INOGENI USB 3.0 Capture Converters makes it simple to connect your video device of any format to a Quicklaunch-equipped PC. The INOGENI capture devices will accept HDMI at up to 4K resolution, and DVI, VGA and SDI sources at up to 1920x1200 at 60 Hz with audio. No driver installation is necessary and it will work with all video-conferencing applications.

“We are delighted to be working with INOGENI to solve challenges our customers face when adding device sharing and multi-camera sharing capabilities to Skype for Business or really any platform,” said Angela Hlavka, Principal of UC Wrkspace. “Our collaboration ensures our customers are provided great meeting room experiences.”