Huddly Joins Quicklaunch Solution Partner Program

We are very excited to announce our new partnership with Huddly, the world’s leading AI-powered conference camera manufacturer. Huddly’s cameras combine hardware, software, and AI to deliver cutting-edge, intelligent, wide-angle video conferencing. When paired with Quicklaunch and our technology partners, end users get a best-in-class collaboration

Quicklaunch combines software, hardware and AI-powered cameras to create the ideal workspace for the modern era. The Quicklaunch application is a meeting room interface that provides multi-platform integration to transform any display into an easy-to-use one-click meeting workspace. Huddly and Quicklaunch will work together with our technology partners (Avocor, NEC and more) to create powerful workspace solutions.

The Quicklaunch Solution Provider Program provides a unique framework for certifying the integration of hardware and software to work together seamlessly. Through the Quicklaunch Solution Partner Program, Huddly extends the capabilities of Quicklaunch to include AI camera support. Huddly’s cameras get even better over time with enhancements and new feature releases.

We continue to lead innovation in the multiplatform collaboration workspace,” says Angela Hlavka, CEO of UC Workspace. “In working with Huddly, we look to deliver new capabilities and solutions along with our technology partners that deliver on the promise of AI and next-generation workspaces.”

The Huddly IQ camera offers the best AI technology the world has to offer

and features 150° wide-angle video, an embedded microphone, advanced room analytics, and smart, automated user experiences. With Genius Framing, Huddly IQ provides the latest and greatest in smooth zooming and auto framing. The Huddly API delivers meeting room analytics, which can be shared securely to management dashboards. When organizations understand how their rooms are being used, it allows them to optimize the ROI on floor space and technology.

The Huddly GO is a compact, software-enhanced conference camera. Its 150° ultra-wide-angle lens captures everyone in the room, transforming even the smallest rooms into high-quality conference rooms. With Dynamic Light Optimization, Huddly GO auto-adjusts to lighting conditions.

“We are delighted to join the Quicklaunch Solution Partner Program which complements our existing strong partnerships with Avocor and NEC,” says Fraser Park, VP Strategic Alliances and Partnerships at Huddly. “The Quicklaunch application allows end customers to create tailored touch-based meeting experiences, whilst enabling access to all the major collaboration platforms from a single company-branded user experience. Adding the innovation from our AI-enabled Huddly IQ camera will allow users of Quicklaunch to access our Genius user experience features such as auto framing. They will also be able to gain real-time metrics into room utilisation via our Insights analytics API.“

About Huddly

Founded in Oslo, Norway in 2013, Huddly combines Scandinavian-designed hardware, software, and AI to create cameras that bring artificial intelligence into the meeting room. Huddly’s compact, wide-angle, USB conference cameras deliver a high-quality video conferencing experience, straight out of the box and on any platform. Thanks to an onboard neural engine, they can see, understand and respond to their environment. The Huddly Genius features intelligently automate manual processes, removing the need to control the camera. With the InSights analytics API, Huddly cameras provide organizations with high-quality meeting room analytics to help them make better-informed decisions about how they use their meeting spaces. Huddly is headquartered in Oslo. Learn more:

About UC Workspace

UC Workspace is a leading global provider of digital workspace solutions, helping companies move beyond traditional meeting rooms to inspiring workspaces that improve collaboration, sharing, communication and technology integrations. UC Workspace Solutions works with multiple meeting provides and are agnostic to applications and hardware. Platinum Partners have optimized customized versions of our flagship Quicklaunch application. For more information, please visit