Hot NEW features added to Quicklaunch

Within the latest production release of Quicklaunch, a few amazing features were added to make Quicklaunch more powerful than ever. The first new feature, called Fetch Trial License will decrease the time it takes to get started with a trial license of Quicklaunch. The second feature allows users to have a customized email sent to their desired email address whenever a monitored Quicklaunch resource changes.

Send Email on Resource Change

The second addition to the newest version of Quicklaunch is the ability to send an email when a resource in Quicklaunch becomes available, unavailable, or reaches the warning state. Currently Quicklaunch monitors CPU, keyboards, memory, mice, microphones, network, speakers, storage, and cameras connected to the device operating Quicklaunch.

For information on how to send an email when a resource changes in Quicklaunch, follow this link to our FAQ, or watch the video below.

Suspend Room Reset

Quicklaunch now supports the ability to suspend room reset. Enabling suspend room reset will grant access to an additional button which appears at meeting warning, or at meeting ending. Clicking this button will suspend all room reset notifications for the current meeting.

Read our full FAQ here, or click below to watch our video on Suspending Room Reset

Fetch Trial License Button

Within Quicklaunch's latest production release, the ability to automatically generate a license key for your preferred version of Quicklaunch is now here. Introducing... Fetch Trial License Button. This simple button will save you time when getting started with Quicklaunch by eliminating the need to visit our Shopify webpage in order to generate a 30 day free trial.

For information on how to use this newly added button, follow this link to our FAQ, or watch the video linked below.