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Audio Devices

Interactive Displays

Dell Integrator Solution

Tech Data AV Mavericks and Dell bundle a complete meeting room solution together with Logitech and Quicklaunch. Also available with Quicklaunch configuration services and Tech Data installation services.

Services available may vary  by country.

Dell Integrator Solution

Impressive Visuals, Impactful Presentation, Just the Right Touch.

Dell Display

Impressive Visuals

Impactful Presentations

Exceptional Viewing

Brilliant 55" or 86"

Display with 4k


Consistent Clarity

Anti-glare and



Constructive Collaboration

Up to 20 Point Touch

Smooth Interaction

Two Included Systems

Logitech MeetUp


Conference Cam with 120° field of view and integrated

audio, perfect for mall conference and huddle rooms

Dell Optiplex Micro PC

Powerful and Flexible 

Computing Powered By Windows 10 unique design integrates seamlessly into the panel without the need of a

separate power cord

Logitech Screen Share

HDMI Screen Sharing


Just one touch to Start Meetings, Collaborating, Share Devices and More


Room Reset and Lockdown Mode Provide Peace of Mind for IT and End Users


Customize it to Your Needs

Custom Branding, Colors, Action Tiles etc.


The Mimo Vue Monitors extend the capabilities of Quicklaunch to include a tabletop touch experience.

The 10.1” Mimo Vue HD USB monitor features a modern zero bezel design, user friendly projected capacitive touch, and a nearly 180 degree viewing angle from its bright, high contrast LCD. With an innovative USB video solution, one USB cable provides video, touch, and power to the display for a simple, clean installation. The Mimo Vue HD, with its nearly 3 lb (1.3 kg) base is a responsive, stable touch display for the Quicklaunch™ software interface for optimal tabletop performance. The new Mimo VUE HD with Capture Card is also support by Quicklaunch. 


Magewell extends the capabilities of Quicklaunch to include wired HDMI Device Sharing through Quickluanch quickshare feature.

Magewell USB Capture HDMI allows users to stream the HDMI output of a connected device to a Quicklaunch-equipped PC through the PC’s USB connections. With its HDMI v1.4a input, the Magewell capture device will accept resolutions of up to 1920 x 1200 at 60p. Because it uses the existing drivers on the computer, the USB Capture HDMI will work with any software that supports those drivers. For PCs that do not have an available USB 3.0 port, the Magewell USB Capture HDMI will work with a USB 2.0 port, although the resolution and frame rate capabilities will be reduced due to the restricted bandwidth.


INOGENI extends the capabilities of Quicklaunch to include multi-camera support and wired Video Device Sharing through Quicklaunch quickshare feature.

INOGENI SHARE2 and SHARE2U allows users to connect and mix multiple cameras with a Quicklaunch-equipped PC. The Share2 lets you select sources or combine sources from the buttons on the top, a remote control or a LAN connection.  Coming soon, INOGENI will be introducing the SHARE 2U USB version so you can use two USB cameras or one USB and one HDMI with the same uninterrupted signal flow. 

INOGENI USB 3.0 Capture Converters makes it simple to connect your video device of any format to a Quicklaunch-equipped PC. The INOGENI capture devices will accept HDMI at up to 4K resolution, and DVI, VGA and SDI sources at up to 1920x1200 at 60 Hz with audio. No driver installation is necessary and it will work with all video-conferencing applications.


Mersive Solstice is a high-performance in-room collaboration platform that improves the usability and productivity of meeting and learning spaces. Solstice enables users on any device to easily share, control, and mark up content on in-room displays to drive more efficient, engaging, and productive meetings.


Solstice offers users many flexible ways to connect and share, from using the Solstice app for the full collaboration experience to sharing via AirPlay, Miracast, web browser, or even plugging in an HDMI cable.


The Solstice Pod deploys securely on enterprise WiFi/Ethernet networks and attaches to the display(s) in the room via HDMI.


Founded in Oslo, Norway in 2013, Huddly combines Scandinavian-designed hardware, software and AI to create cameras that bring artificial intelligence into the meeting room. Huddly’s compact, wide-angle, USB conference cameras deliver a high-quality video conferencing experience, straight out of the box and on any platform. Thanks to an onboard neural engine, they can see, understand and respond to their environment. The Huddly Genius features intelligently automate manual processes, removing the need to control the camera. With the InSights analytics API, Huddly cameras provide organizations with high-quality meeting room analytics to help them make better-informed decisions about how they use their meeting spaces. Huddly is headquartered in Oslo.


Nureva Inc. is a technology-rich, multiple award-winning private company that imagines and builds solutions that make it easy to unlock the collaborative potential of diverse teams around the globe. For businesses, that means enabling the group creative processes that are used to solve problems and develop breakthrough ideas that drive organizational advantage. In education, it means enabling the student-led, collaborative activities that deepen learning and equip students with the skills required for future success. A passion for deep customer understanding and a commitment to innovation drive the company’s product roadmap.