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Our mission is to
unify collaborative experiences

Our Story
Our Customers
UC Labs

From our very beginnings we've been driven to solve some of the biggest challenges our enterprise customers face with collaboration.

We started in
The Boardroom

Our journey started with a challenge to make boardrooms more productive! Our customers were plagued with different hardware and software solutions which made starting and participating in digitally enabled meetings frustrating and expensive.


We created Quicklaunch to help our customers to walk into a boardroom and become instantly productive – regardless of underlying technology, hardware or platforms


Today, we're redefining
Bring Your Own...

We’ve heard it before.  Bring Your Own This and That.

How about Bring Your Own… YOU! 

Our customers wanted the most flexible sharing experience possible. They wanted to have the flexibility to meet anywhere leveraging the tech that was already there. They wanted to stop worrying about the capabilities of rooms. They wanted to stop needing to carry around extra gadgets and connectors. They asked us to rethink sharing from every dimension – from files, to apps, calendars, notes and interactions.  So we did!


And the result... is Weav – sharing, reimagined.

We're also rethinking
Control and Insight

As the need for digital collaboration spaces and devices increased, our customers wanted a way to centrally manage and control everything from a single place. They also wanted the tech to notify them of problems before users did while providing them with the insight required to rethink how space is used to best suit the needs of workers.


That’s why we built UCCentral.


What's in our

We’re going to continue doing what we do best… unifying collaborative experiences™. We will do this by continuing to take the time to truly understanding the needs of our customers and being brave enough to create innovative, industry first, products and services that our customers love.


In 2022 we’ve released two new versions for UC Central and Weav which solve more of the daily problems occurring in everyday meeting spaces.

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